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Luv Prism Cosmetics



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You will only need this brush set to create a full look, why use any other brushes and beauty blender!



  • Flat Foundation Brush- Checkout this brush and apply your favorite primer and foundation with this soft flat brush all over the face
  • Round Foundation Blending BrushBuff out and blend any foundation lines to create a smooth natural look.
  • Large Powder Brush- Apply translucent or foundation powder all over the face
  • Detail Face Blending Brush- This brush will help you buff out any lines on your eyeshadow base and any fine lines you see around your mouth, under your nose. This is you lifesaver.
  • Highlighting Brush- Glow with this brush, apply your favorite highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, and above your lip
  • Blush/Contouring Brush- Want a chisel and contoured face? Use this brush around the face, sides of the nose and around your temples
  • Small Packing Brush- Perfect to apply pigments or glitters in smaller areas of the eyelid.
  • Concealer Brush- Perfect to define the outsides of your brows, to apply concealer on the eyes or face, perfect to apply eyeshadow primer.
  • Small Eyebrow Brush- If you love super detailed brows, this is the brush. Great with powder, gel, or pomade brow products.
  • Small Eyeshadow Blending Brush- To create tight blends in your eye crease
  • Medium Eyeshadow Blending Brush- A must have brush in your eye makeup creations. Use this brush to blend out transition colors and build your color intensity.
  • Large Eyeshadow Blending Brush- Create soft blends as you pull out the shadow colors
  • Smudge Brush- Create a smokier effect using this brush and adding darker colors to create a smokier effect.
  • Lip Brush- A must have brush to create that perfect crisp lip with your favorite liquid lipstick or lip glosses
  • Holographic Brush Bag
  • Beauty Blender
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Luv Prism Cosmetics was created for EVERYONE.  We encourage and push self love and expression in all art forms of all shades, personalities, cultures and races.  Self love creates love for all.