This world is too small, and life is too short to be faint-hearted when it comes to embracing who you are. After some self-discovery, I finally got the courage to nurture my purpose and build enough confidence to pursue my heart’s desire- the limitless world of artistry that is makeup. My love soon transferred into an art form. It’s the kind of art that inspires, that truly takes you on an adventure to another dimension, where fierce is beauty. After my ten-year experience with makeup as a published artist, my calling has placed me here, right in front of my biggest dream, sharing my internal superpower with the world and curating my passion through Luv Prism Cosmetics.
I truly value the freedom of self-expression and the impact it can have on someone. With Luv Prism Cosmetics, there are no limits to the creations and works of art. You are the canvas. Products such as the holographic and chromatic foils encourage you to play and have a full range for who you want to be on any given day. The spectrum of colors can form lasting glistening results and lustrous effects that are truly worth placing in a museum. These are not your everyday products; however, they certainly can be. I boldly dare you to paint a masterpiece that will change the way you see makeup and be expressive with your glamor, one brushstroke at a time.
Our physical location is located in the Greater Sacramento, California area (Fair Oaks, CA). I am a first generation Mexican American born in Sacramento, California, mother of 3 beautiful babies (3 under 3 years old) and married to an amazing man who's been supportive to pursue my career in beauty and launching my own cosmetics brand. I am a published Pro Makeup Artist, have over 10+ years of experience in the beauty industry, licensed esthetician, Freelance Makeup Artist and Pro Makeup Instructor at AVL Academy in Fair Oaks, California. My store is located inside AVL Salon and Academy. In my freetime I love to spend time with my family and making memories.